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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ISO 9001:2000 Visit Plan

Fresh from a long day meeting! Wheu!

It was the final meeting before we schedule our first internal audit. Run down all the requirements.. papers, papers, papers.... and papers... oh I forget... documents also (still papers!).

Anyway, today I just want to share to you the Visit Plan we had during the process. Who will visit? Sorry, I forgot to clear some things here. Ok, We hired (let's name them) ABC Company to help us with our initiative to have our office procedures based on ISO standards. They will visit us based on a plan until our first audit comes.

So here's the visit plan.

1st VISIT - Gap Analysis
1. Selection of Management Representative
2. Control Documents Procedures (Master list of Documents)
3. Control of Records Procedures
4. Procedure for Purchase
5. List of Approved Suppliers
6. Supplier Evaluation Form
7. List of Machines
8. List of Tools
9. List of Quality Control Equipments
10. Quality Policy
11. Organizational Chart
12. List of Employee
13. Salary Sheet
14. Training Reocrd
15. Training Need Assessment
16. Identification Machines, Tools, Halls, Areas, etc.
17. All other Formats

1. Review all the work of Last visit
2. Procedure for Human Resources
3. Procedure for Management Commitment
4. Procedure for Internal Quality Audit
5. Procedure for Non-conforming Products
6. Procedure for Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices
7. Job Description

1. Stock Register Store (Store must clean and prepapred Stock Register)
2. Stock Report (see client Record)
3. Production Job Card / Report
4. Marketing QT System
5. Verification of old visit work
6. Give Quality Manual
7. Procedure for Corrective & Preventive Action
8. Give Training to Worker about Quality Policy and ISO 9001 Introduction
9. Verifying all the work related to 1st visit.

1. Incoming Inspection Report
2. IN-process Inspection Report
3. Final Inspection Report
4. Verify all working which is done by MR
5. File labeling, supplier evaluation, list of machine, list of tools, etc
6. Display of Quality Policy and Organizational Chart
7. Training provided to Top Management / Other Managers
8. Confirm First Audit Schedule

Today, we just finished the 4th visit.... but not item 8!

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